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Pule Still The Good Player At Orlando

Though sometimes a perfomance might drop but a good player is always a good player. Pule is great example to the young talented players on the journey of football. Pule always makes sure that he pulls up his socks and serve orlando pirates in a good way. Though wins could not be on their side.

Even if a team is not winning but pule's perfomance is likable. This young player never decrease a good way of playing. Just that sometimes the win is not on orlando pirates side. Though in that case pule makes sure that he plays the good football that ge is known for.

Pule is a young great players of orlando pirates. He has all the good resources as well as the good skills to keep the good football around. That is why in most of the games he is more likely to be the man of the match.

In proving all the above information here is a comment shared by a fan on facebook. Here is a screenahot below.

The obove comment from the fan gives clarity of how good pule is. It is also showing that pule is really focused in football of which is helping him to play good. Orlando pirates still got the good player when we are talking about pule. He always knows what to do in the field.

This is what should happen to a player. The fans have to thank how the player have perfomed. Even if the team has lost the game. That shows how good the player is. Also a player has to keep up with the good perfomance. Even if the team might be losing.

Pule has shown so much focus on the games and he has proven thatbhe is a good player. Hoping that some other players will learn something from him.

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