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Sad news; Kaizer Chiefs star beaten to death, see why

A past Chiefs star was beat into the ground last week in view of loathsome insurgency'. His aunt remained contrary to what his family had figured out up until this point. 

Past Kaizer Chiefs star Lucky Maselesele was beat into the ground by a group in Alexandra on Wednesday night. Maselesele was faulted by neighborhood for taking electric connects to deal with his unlawful medication use. 

Alexandra police have confirmed that two suspects have been caught for the murder. 

Maselesele's beloved buddies said he was fighting with constant medication use and was collaborate for certain unsuitable people. Recently, Maselesele has been dynamic in awakening young players to go without exorbitant lifestyles that don't by and large gauge up for their pockets. 

He was furthermore reassuring young people locally to keep away from drugs, by telling them that he was the chief Premier Soccer League player to test positive for cocaine during his playing days. 

Maselesele's aunt Maria Masize let Scrolla.Africa in on that his downfall staggered their family as they are at this point lamenting the death of his mother Sophia Maselesele, who kicked the can of a stroke three weeks earlier. She was 64. 

Masize said four people attacked Maselesele on Wednesday night. 

"We don't have even the remotest clue about the reasoning of the attack because no one has drawn nearer to us to disclose to us why he was attacked," she said. 

Four men stoned Maselesele with profound squares. "By far most of the squares showed up on his head and it looked crushed and amplified when we went to recognize him at the Hillbrow government burial service home." 

Maselesele was lying careless ensuing to being stoned, according to a woman who came to instruct the family in regards to how Maselesele passed on. "They forgot about him and about and remembering that he was making a respectable endeavor to discover uphold and be defended. Nevertheless, the men brought two pit bulls and delivered them on him. While the pit bulls bit Lucky, the men kept on throwing stones at him," said Masize. "Exactly when the crisis vehicle displayed with the police, he was affirmed dead on a comparable spot." 

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The ones who attacked Maselesele required him dead, she added. "How is it possible that they would have to continue to carry the canines to finish him?" 

"In the event that this was a robbery as some would ensure, we haven't heard from the police to tell us whether he was discovered having any taken things," she added. 

Masize said Maselesele was close to his mother. "He was a mother's child. His mother worshiped him to bits. He similarly loved his mother. Since his mother's spending three weeks earlier, he hasn't been well. It impacted him." 

Masize mentioned to see verification that Maselesele was taking power joins. "As a family, we need assertion from those ensuring that he was killed for taking power joins. Maybe the police will have that information. We don't have even the remotest clue." 

Maselesele's past guide Muhsin Ertugal tweeted that he was "significantly discouraged" to hear that Lucky Maselesele had kicked the bucket. "I'm grateful to have shared such unbelievable memories that I will pass on everlastingly, your way was short at this point incredibly astonishing. Tear Son." 

Alexandra police central command head Brigadier Lindiwe Magudulela said Alexandra agents are investigating a manslaughter case. 

Maselesele's family asked the nation to help with resources for cover him. "We have as of late covered his mother. We don't have resources. If anyone can help, we will see the worth in it," said Masize.

Former Chiefs star beaten to death in act of mob ‘justice’ in Alex (

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