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The Reason Why Lucky Mosele Was Killed In Alex Revealed

The Secret Is Out| The Reason Why Lucky Mosele Was Killed In Alex

Date: 2021/10/18

Former Kaizer Chiefs star Lucky Mosele was killed in Alex at the age of 41, the consensus was that he was stealing electrical cables so he was beaten to death for that, imagine such a disgraceful death after such a beautiful soccer career.

It is said that his family will remember him being beaten by a group of people, and not dying comfortably in his beautiful bed. The Premier Soccer league needs to find ways to find the retire of these guys, if they will die in Alex like they were never prosperous it is not it, they need some sort of love, we must remember they have no education the only thing they know is how to play soccer.

He was killed because it was suspected that he was stealing cables, that is just not cool if the league will make a retirement fund where they will put a lot of money aside so they can help players with their savings and so they can maintain their lifestyle after they leave the game. A group investment scheme to buy properties should be the first thing on their mind so they can buy a few big properties and rent them out, so they can live on the fruits of the tree, not eat the entire tree.

May Lucky’s soul rest in peace, this man was going to help South Africa move forward when it comes to preparing the youth for the big stage, but you can take a man out of the hood but the hood will forever remain in him. He was a solid man that needed to know how to use and spend money, if he knew that he could still be alive, he could have been loved and respected by his family.


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