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Mamkhize was having a good time training with her team Roya AM

Mamkhize is known for her beautiful moments where she keeps on focusing the great attention on anything that she is doing. She went to her team and when she got to the training ground, she was training with the players. It is something that is different and a team that is owned by a female within a space that is dominated by males. She did not really prepare herself for the encounter.


It is because she was not wearing the gear that is for training. Other people from the comment section are congratulating and being happy for Shaun, who is a stylist for Mamkhize. That is another reason why she is always making huge headlines when it comes to fashion. Speaking of Shaun Stylist, he is also on point when it comes to fashion because it is seen with him.

He is going down an almost similar path, just a bit with Andile Mpisane. He has a project dropping very soon. He is now also a musician just like Andile, who was a soccer player wearing jersey number 10. It is really nice to be around Mamkhize and Andile because they are doing what they want whenever. That is a great part of a lifestyle, being able to do what you want.


It is also a good motivation for them, because it shows how she appreciates them for the wonderful outcome. It was not expected when she came to the top league in the country for the performance. Sometimes when you see people playing or doing something great and you want to be part of it at that moment, you are not ready for it. That impulsivity is fascinating.


When it comes to Twitter, it would not be a good vibe because people within the space likes to drag other people. They don't consider who you are, and if they find something that is funny for you, they will go with it. That is why she is not part of the Twitter community because they are people who like dragging other people all the time.

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