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Meet Fleur Randa, Cameroon’s 9 year old who is the youngest Sports Photographer in the world

Source: Twitter

A Young sports photographer in the world comes from Cameroon and she is a 9year old who does her job very well and she is commended for it.

This young lady loves photography and she makes sure that she takes good pictures so that she can be commended by almost everyone and she does not make any mistake.

This African child is an example for many who think that age defines abilities because it only needs a person who can focus and has good passion for something that they want to do.

So many people in different African countries start to go to school at old ages, and it is very wrong because when they do that they miss a lot of opportunities that they would’ve done when they were too young.

Young people should be empowered irrespective of their ages because they’ve got abilities that can change the situation of this world.

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African Cameroon Fleur Randa


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