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Hunt bemoans Chippa's errors: See What He said


Hunt was calmed by Chiefs with two games to go toward the finish of last season and would have been needing to get some vengeance however it was not to be as his side were essentially outmatched on the day. 

"We lost 4-0 however on the off chance that you check out the game and you get football, I mean the number of chances did we have this evening. Wow, it might have been seven or eight for us. Before they scored we ought to have scored twice. We had such countless possibilities in and around the container," Hunt told SuperSport television.

"The principal objective was a genuine cautious mistake. It's an issue for us. We must attempt to further develop them and improve. Some of them clearly come from a lower level. Also, in case you're not up to the level you will get uncovered. 

"There were a great deal of individual mistakes. The third objective - I mean it's directly down the side. It's a straightforward protective construction there and it's disillusioning however I mean we had mind boggling chances around evening time. 

At the point when gotten some information about his progressions at half-time, Chase said: "We were harming them. We were affecting it. We got them in the right regions and where we needed them. We transformed, we pushed more to the more extensive regions and held them back. In any case, we turned the ball over in basic regions and clearly their front three is worth more than our entire club. You must glance at it like that. 

"Today was a helpless cautious presentation yet on the opposite side there were a ton of up-sides. Yet, you can't be losing 4-0, you realize what I'm saying. You must have somewhat more obstruction. We had the ball directly on the midway line and we played a little five-yard ball and they blocked and afterward you go one nil down when you might have been two nil up. Those are the kind of things. That accompanies players playing and we need to improve."

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