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Congratulations Mr Gardee Goodrich, May you do Better Than Dali Mpofu in Representing Your Clients

Goodmorning Africa, we present to you a Pan Africanist Law firm. We do not judge our clients that is for the courts, we commit to provide quality legal services without fear, favour or prejudices trust us ~Gardee GodrichCongratulations leader, continue to inspire us and don't apologise nor explain about being Pro Black and advancing Black agenda. Politics aside, I wish you all the best in the establishment of Gardee Goodrich Attorneys. May you do better than Dali Mpofu in representing your clients, without fear or favor, nor for money or status. This is amazing well done Mr GG. This is so inspiring I always recall you saying “ Yes Sit Down Mr Zupta” that was a real fear fokol statement I wish you all the best SirSee what passion does, Gardee holds BTech in Internal Audit from TUT, along his career journey he feel in love with Law, at his older age he decided to switch career from Commerce to Law field he then enrolled for LLB with Unisa, look now he is officially an Attorney. It's a beautiful inspiring story, the ball is in your hands. Congratulations are in order GG. When the ANC leaders are busy looting state funds and resources, the EFF leaders are busy studying. The EFF is Governing the country and inspiring people to pursue their dreams, while ANC is still hiding its small head in the sand

One thing I love about EFF is that these guys they study they support the empower themselves one thing that white people took from us, was education but these guys they wanna study they know what they talk about everytime, they stand in public I think I admire that about EFF

EFF leadership is equipping itself for the tough days ahead, they are making education fashionable, and the youth that is progressive and transformational will take excellent example set by them and tey are ready to govern, do they know what South Africans need? Once again, congratulations Mr Gardee. Mr Gardee, your success is a black man’s success, we salute you

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