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Good News; Principal Thobakgale Has Been Demoted In #SkeemSaam. Here Is Her New Role In #SkeemSaam

Good News; Principal Thobakgale Has Been Demoted In #SkeemSaam. Here Is Her New Role In #SkeemSaam

Mzanai has been sending their welcome to Ma'am Thobakgale (Ma'am Jacobeth) at Turf High. Mzansk were left happy with the decision made by Mr Desando in SkeemSaam to being back Principal Thobakgale back to Turf High.

#SkeemSaam viewers were left happy that Thobakgale is back in Turf High, which means that she's not leaving #SkeemSaam. Many viewers thought that her character ended the day she took her belongs and left the office.

Apparently there has been some rumors over the past weeks that Principal Thobakgale is leaving the show. Some people has been saying that she will go to jail as her way of exist. Principal Thobakgale has been removed from the position of Principal. She is no longer a principal but at Ma'am Thobakgale. She has been demoted from being a principal to a Ma'am Thobakgale where she will be teaching Sepedi home language.

After seeing Mr Desando welcoming her again as a Sepedi teacher fans and viewers are now conviction that she is not leaving the show. At least Mrs Thobakgale didn't allow pride and shame stand in her way of teaching again even though it's different this time. Turf High teachers were expecting a new face, only for Principal Thobakgale to return back.

It appears that many viewers did not like how the principal storyline went after Principal Thobakgale was removed. Alfred Magongwa will be taking over and everyone will start realising that Thobakgale was not that bad. The school going out of control and the 100% pass rate dropping would have been much better.

#SkeemSaam viewers can't wait to see the Paxton's face when he sees Thobakgale come Sepedi period.

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