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Tbose Maputla Under Hot Water After This Was Revealed In #SkeemSaam

Tbose Maputla Under Hot Water After This Was Revealed In #SkeemSaam

Mapitsi will not allow anything to delay her from walking down the aisle. I would do the same if I were in her shoes especially after she sacrificed a great opportunity of journalism training for the whole Maputla family, they owe her a wedding of the century.

I’m thinking about #SkeemSaam and how Thabo really hates the idea of Kwaito being his biological brother but had no issues being best friends all these years... sometimes the person you think is your bestie only to learn that they enjoy being “better” than you and having you watch them enjoy life.

Nobody knows Kwaito’s home issues like Thabo, and instead of feeling like “Yoh, finally my homeboy will stop suffering without a dad”, his first worry is that Kwaito is going to claim their father’s money.

It's not even Kwaito's fault. What a fake friend! I really thought he'd be happy that they're brothers. He don’t wanna hear anything about Kwaito now he thinks about his Dad’s wealth. I also thought he’d be happy. All those years of calling each other “brothers” and when it finally happens for real, Thabo shows his true colours.

Kwaito blames himself for his mother's situation and thinks that if he accepts John he'll be betraying his mom. Thabo thinks that if he accepts Kwaito as his brother he'll be betraying his mom.

Malume Sfiso is always at the Maputla's!! They must get him a restraining order, he is harassing John. Ntate Maputla seriously needs to use the mind that got him all the riches and stand up to those Ntulis, he can't be allowing Kwaito and Sfiso bully him like that, more especially since it's also jeopardizing his relationship with his other children.

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