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What happens on the month of October

We are all aware of events that occur yearly in our country, from June being seen as the youth month, we always remember the events of the Soweto uprising, June 16 being the date where many students took their frustrations to the streets to boycott the education system of those years.

September is always known as the Heritage month, where people remember and celebrate their differences, their different cultures and embrace their traditions. September 24 being known as the national heritage day.

There is this one event that many people do not know about, a day that talks to almost every woman, those who are trying to start their families, those dealing with infertility, those who have families, those who have lost children, those who have given birth to still borns, those who have had miscarriages.

In the month of October we remember those kids, those parents who prepared for their arrival but came back from the hospital empty handed. Those whose children only survived for a few months, their breasts are leaking whereas the child is no longer alive. Those who were excited about looking forward to the following months to bond with their children inside them but their pregnancies ended early.

In October 15th we remember those tiny feet that never touched the ground, the wombs that carried them, the wombs that are not able to carry them. Gone but not forgotten.

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