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"Two Police Officers Caught Drinking And Driving In A Van That Almost Killed Two People "


Two Police Officers Caught Drinking And Driving In A Van That Almost Killed Two People

Alcohol is a very serious problem in the country. It's not only SAPS that go to work while drunk but many people go to work while drinking and driving. There is a serious alcohol problem. As for SAPS we have a serious problem as far as alcohol is concerned. Most people are just working because they need jobs not because they understand what law enforcement is all about. They are just there to get salary to survive. No passion about serving and protecting the society. Most are just showing up for a pay check. Law enforcement personnel should be leading by example but instead they are the one's breaking the law.

There is a video circulating on social media where two police officers where spotted drinking and driving. They almost killed two women who where working on the road. In the video it is said the two police officers where planning to flee the accident scene. The police officer on the video is not even remorseful as he is heard saying they can do what they want to do. Meaning they can fire him or arrest him he does not care. The police officers almost killed innocent people.

Their behaviour is totally wrong. Now their jobs are at stake because of their reckless drinking habbits. The unemployment rate in SA is rising as years go by then you find people like this taking their work for granted. While there are many people out there dying for this opportunity.


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