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Bad news from Ramaphosa, read below

This after parliament discovered that a great many community workers have been unlawfully getting social awards and the R350 Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress award month to month in a bid to top up their pay rates. 

"It isn't unexpected information that candidates with different kinds of revenue don't meet all requirements for this award. It is additionally plainly obvious that the people who get a pay from the state are not qualified to apply. But they did. Around 17,000 individuals utilized at public and common government submitted applications in a bid to top up their compensations with cash implied for poor people. 

"Given the degree of need in the country, one that our local officials know excessively well, this wilful plan to take from the public handbag is reprehensible," said Ramaphosa in his Monday week by week pamphlet. 

The president said there was as yet far to go in uncovering defilement, forestalling this sort of misuse and imparting a culture of morals in the public help. 

One of the actions executed to address this is the dispatch of another policy management morals, uprightness and disciplinary specialized help unit, prior in the month. 

Among different capacities, the unit was relied upon to assemble limit inside open bodies to found disciplinary procedures in instances of wrongdoing and co-work with different organs of state in viewing those mindful to be answerable. 

Ramaphosa said the unit would likewise allude defilement cases to government's Anti-Corruption Task Team and circle back to divisions to guarantee criminal cases including local officials were made disciplinary cases. In a joint effort with the multi-organization Fusion Center, the unit was additionally expected to help with distinguishing representatives in need cases explored by law implementation specialists. 

"The unit will screen way of life reviews of public assistance representatives. Where offices distinguish defilement and unexplained riches, the cases will be alluded to the SAPS. The new unit has effectively started its work decisively, assisting with distinguishing local officials engaged with cases identified with Covid-19 acquirement, the extraordinary Covid-19 award and Unemployment Insurance Fund misrepresentation," said Ramaphosa. 

The president said some local officials had taken the view that working with, or unduly profiting from, the state was admissible for them, their loved ones, given there has been no lawlessness; this needed to change. 

"As we work to end debasement, there should be equivalent spotlight on instilling moral conduct, since what may not really be unlawful can be exploitative and indecent of a community worker." 

Ramaphosa recognized that most of local officials are submitted, well behaved and moral. "The undertaking before us is to cooperate to uncover the individuals who are not, and right the misinterpretation that every one of those utilized in government are either self-serving or degenerate."

'Unforgivable public servants receiving grants to top up salaries': Ramaphosa (

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