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Why Wasn't Insurance Killer 6 Hand-Cuffed Like Other Prisoners, Is She Getting Special Treatment


It is exceptionally certain that individuals from people in general have seen something vital for this situation, the way that the Rosemary Ndlovu was not bound when she was being accompanied by the police into the rear of the police van and the way that she additionally had a parcel of snacks in her purse. 

She was additionally wearing her home garments, individuals are inquiring as to for what reason wasn't she wearing the jail orange overalls since she is a suspect to the homicide of her relatives, where she profited from deceitfully procured disaster protection approaches it has been uncovered that she opened protection strategies without the information on her relatives. 

The occurrence has created a ruckus via online media since it has uncovered that previous SAPS Sergeant is being given exceptional treatment, this may be on the grounds that she's a previous South African Police Services official who was extremely faithful to her associates in that she would frequently purchase lunch for them. 

Also, this is unusual in light of the fact that she forfeited the relatives to get this cash that she was getting from the extra security strategy pay-outs, she further proceeded to show a terrible mentality outside the court premises where she tossed snacks at the paparazzi who were taking photos of her and posing her numerous inquiries concerning how she dealt with the relatives that have asserted passed on. 

It is very concerning since, supposing that you see her genealogy you notice that a large portion of the relatives were killed before their time, and there has likewise been blow-back in a portion of those deaths. She then, at that point, continued to get cash from their demises. 

She essentially obliterated her family by supposedly killing a large portion of them from the beginning in their lives, it has additionally been uncovered that she opened a disaster protection strategy for her sweetheart and afterward she purportedly continued to kill him - she separated while being interrogated regarding the entire episode in court.

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