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Well Done Pretoria we All Love you

I'am staying because of people of Pretoria. Specifically the taxi drivers, queue marshalls and the passengers. Me and my sister had our moment this week, when we went to Kgabalatsane to bury her father-in-law

After the funeral we got a call that our sister passed on and we had to rush to windmill park. On our way back we had to change taxis and my sister left her phone in the taxi we were in, we tried calling the phone no one answered until my sister told the driver of the taxiOne passenger said he knows the driver and registration of the previous taxi but doesn't have his number, yet he had a number for the queue Marshall but didnt have airtime. Another passenger offered him his phone to make some calls, and the phone was recovered from the previous taxi of which the driver told us where to meet and get the phone

The driver of the taxi took us there and we got my sister's phone back. Thank you to all people who helped, thank you Pretoria, Ubuntu lives and rules there. Big up guys, I am staying because of you

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