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Road Accident

A Couple That Broke The Internet On Valentine's Day Passed Away

Apparently they were involved in an accident and they were three of them and they all passed away. Life is too short , you need to enjoy your life while you still can. The man bought a car on Valentine's day for his girlfriend and now they are no more. They broke the internet on Valentine's day and everyone loves them. Now they are no more this is really sad. It is also painful because no one was left. God took them all. You can never know your time of passing.

At least the man did something for his girlfriend while he was still alive. He did not that they will die on the same day. This is heartbreaking and such a sad loss. It is pity because no one knows when they will die. No one knows if today it is their day. Death comes as a surprise and when you least expect it. Sometimes it is more painful if your child did not get sick. It is better they become sick and you see them suffering.

If your child die in an accident it is a painful death. What has happened it is so painful. May their soul rest in peace wherever they are. May God welcome them with open arms. May their parents heal from this tragic loss. It is not good for a parent to bury their children. Who will bury them when they pass on?. Their children will be orphans. This is sad and no child deserve to grow up without a parent.

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