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Remember The Fake Airforce Guy, This Is What People Are Doing For Him

Northwest – Fake Or Original Airforce Is The Driver For Latest Incidents Of Bullying.

Young man named Martin was seen being laughed at and made fun of at the club somewhere in the Gauteng province, this is after he allegedly wore fake sneakers. The incident has gathered a lot of attention from many members of the public who have sent promised to put together something, in order for this man to have the sneakers that he wants.

The whole incident was seen as very childish by many members of the public who understand that there is no reason whatsoever, that these other men had to point out to this young gentleman that he was wearing counterfeit shoes. If he was they should have considered that of course he knew, and he was perfectly fine with it these individuals are not like that they are very childish so to speak.

The video was taken during the incident and went viral on social media platforms leaving him humiliated, fortunately for the victim this became a blessing in disguise.

The guy is very fortunate that the individuals have recognised that he really does need a lot of help, and many individuals in our Society will do not even care to have such help walk around with an air force for the whole year.

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