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Meet Limpopo boy who blew R2.5million in one year after getting his mothers pension fund (Watch)


They say money is king due to how people react whenever they pockets gets full of money. A young man from Limpopo surprised the internet after blowing R2.5million in a year. His mother passed away when he was below 18years. After reaching the right age to get access to the money his life changed.

People around his area respected him even doctors saw him as a man of glamour. He would spend over R6000 in a day buying alcohol. This come after he bought himself a new Golf-7 cash worth R145000. Life changed young man started dating different girlfriends at once.

The day he realized that he wasted was the day he had to fix his other. Only to find out that his balance from the bank is only R80000. Stress got him and was forced to sell the car instead of fixing it. The money that he had young man spent over R1million buying alcohol alone.

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