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Amanda Du Pont was allegedly raped by Jub Jub for 3 years.

On the video that she examines JubJub's abuse towards her. Amanda Dupont revealed that she had an early end directly following recognizing she was pregnant with JubJub's kid since he had compelled himself into her.

Dupont uncovered that she was a v!rgin when she dated JubJub, and had told him that she like to remain as such until she gets hitched. JubJub went ahead and help himself on her for an extensive time allotment, and it showed up at a point where he would do it before people. She says she reviews a day where he did it in the room that her sister was in, considering the way that he understood she wouldn't yell.

She says she was hesitant to leave since his mother is a compelling woman, and she knew all of the illegal things that the two were doing. She says acknowledged they were using muti, and made her acknowledge explicit things would happen in case she some way or another ended up leaving.

She says JubJub capably opened her legs for quite a while, which achieved her falling pregnant out of the [email protected] and expected to have an early end since she was not going to bring a youth who was compelled into her into this world.

She says he would [email protected] her before her kinfolk, since he understood she wouldn't cause upheaval.

On the gathering with MacG, JubJub said Amanda left since she found he cheated with Kelly. She says he was lying, and she left since he endeavored to kill her, he gagged out her.

She says JubJub wouldn't allow her to have explicit partners. He wouldn't allow her to have her own vehicle. She says ensuing to leaving the relationship, she went to the police base camp to endeavor open a case, yet was told to get back and ponder her decision considering the way that the authority was worn out on women coming to open a case then, get back with their lovers after.

She says on the picture that people saw of her and JubJub together while he was in prison. She had gone there for a purpose work, which she was welcome to by dj Sbu. She didn't go there to visit JubJub as people acknowledged ensuing to seeing the picture. She says she didn't understand JubJub was fundamental for the prisoners that were being suggested, and was dumbfounded to see him there. He mentioned a picture and she took it with him.

Amanda says she endeavored to end it all twice by virtue of what had occurred for her. She says she is as of now not frightened of making some commotion, or fighting him.


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