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Road Accident

Truck Driver Killed By Tyre As He Was Pumping

On Wednesday 13 July Paramedics got an emergency call about a Tyre which exploaded at a truck company, this is a freak accident that has caused a serious confusion in the population of this country and made a lot of people wonder what is going on the fact that people are dying randomly.

The incident happened in Bethlehem near Dihlabeng Mall, unfortunately no one could have foreseen something like this happen and that is why it has gotten to a situation where the emergency services had to be called to the scene in order to clear the site.

This is definitely something that is unacceptable and the police have to look into the fact that the mighty tires which are being sold on the side of road, which may not be up to the standard of the road which ultimately lead to situations where they end up compromising other vehicles.

On their arrival, one man had an injury on the head and unfortunately the other man was already dead. The emergency services tried everything to revive this man but there's nothing further that they could really do for him, because he was really injured in a very compromising situation.

Both individuals were pumping the truck tyre, one was pumping and the other one was listening to the pressure of the tyre with his head on the tyre surface.

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Bethlehem Dihlabeng Mall


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