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Theft robbery

A Video Of People Talking Money From The Bombed Cash Van After A Cash Heist. See Here

#CITRobbery earlier today… We are living in a world which is full of violence and people interested in becoming a millionaire without working and it's wrong people must be proud of working themselves.

And those who grow up without must make sure that they change their lifestyle through working it is time that we as South Africa we can stand together.

and fight crime everywhere it's stand because if we do not do that we will have a country which is lawless.

A video of community member taking money inside the cash van after a cash-in-transit heist has made many people to be sad, especially those who realise that it will make the country to be poorbecause it is going to affect the economy.

because if people can go and take money that they know they did not work for it and don't see anything wrong in doing that it simple means we are heading to the wrong direction as a country.

Because it must be the duty of old people who can think that taking money from the cash then that you know very well that you did not work for that money.

and it belong to someone that alone must tell you that it is wrong and therefore you must be the one educating young people that they must not do that.

Below are comment made by people

Our nation's moral compass is rigged by the justification of criminal acts. It feels that being a thief will soon be a career choice that you can be proud of. What happened to the people with integrity, honesty and decency?

If the nation's leaders are stealing all the time without consequences it has a ripple effect. It takes strong character to not fall into the same trap.


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