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Sad: Celebrities who reportedly took their lives

suicide rates are increasing globally every year. With thousands of individuals losing their lives.Comments or thoughts about suicide — also known as suicidal ideation — can begin small like, “I wish I wasn’t here” or “Nothing matters.” But over time, they can become more explicit and dangerous.

Here are some celebrities who sadly took their own lives.

Anele Thembe

The 22 year old Anele died this year in April after she allegedly jumped from the 10th floor of the Pepper Club Hotel, in Cape Town. This came as a shock because in the previous day she shared images and videos of herself and fiancé Kiernan Forbes enjoying their selves. The couple was also planning for their traditional wedding as Lobola (bride price) was already paid for her a week prior the incident.

Kristina Bobby Brown

After losing her mom Whitney Houston it was reported it was hard for Kristina and she could not cope. Her family and some of her mom's friends tried giving her support but she still found it difficult. She was found unresponsive in the bath at her home.


The singer jumped off a building in Johannesburg at her friend's house. Her loved ones said she was dealing with a lot and it is alleged she was receiving bad treatment from her record label.


The 28 year old popular dj was found dead while on vacation. The cause of his death was reported to have been suicide.

Shoki Mokgapa

The talented actress ended her life after battling with clinical depression, A mental health disorder characterised by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life.


The south African rapper committed suicide after he previously tried three times. HHP had a hard time dealing with how his career was no longer going well.

A lot of people are dealing with issues, Here are the warning signs of being suicidal and if you are experiencing them please seek help. Increased alcohol and drug use, Aggressive behavior, Withdrawal from friends, family and community, Dramatic mood swings, Impulsive or reckless behavior, Collecting and saving pills or buying a weapon, Giving away possessions, Tying up loose ends, like organizing personal papers or paying off debts, Saying goodbye to friends and family


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