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Watch: What made this guy drop his huge flat screen TV

Life is full of unexpected events and some are costly then others, like what happened here in this video which made this a bad day for the guy who was holding the flat screen TV in the balcony.

Children are very playful and sometimes does not know when to play and when to be serious. In this video we see a guy holding a huge flat screen TV on the edge of a balcony. Things go horribly wrong as a child playing runs straight to the guy and hitting him in his private parts.

When the guy felt that he was hit he lets go of the flat screen TV and it fell from the balcony straight to the ground.

By the looking at the size of the TV it is clear to see that it is a very expensive TV. By the reaction of this guy it is very clear to see that he was obviously heart broken when the flat screen TV fell to the ground.

However the child did not seem to worried about what had happened. The child obviously does not know the huge mistake that he has done. Some parents in this event would choose to discipline their children for doing this, while some my see this as a mistake that the child made. 


When you have a child at home you should expect things like this to happen as children are very playful. The best way though to deal with this without beating your child is talking to your child with that strict but loving tone to make them understand what they did was wrong so that they will not do what they did again.


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