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A Zimbabwean man burned to death exactly like Jesus by mob Justice see (Video)



The men there are arguing over something that has to do with a gun. I was trying to find out if they were law enforcement officers or not.

I understand that they are all criminals, I understand even when they call them rude names and the argument is between the criminals. They are all robbers and there is a gun and money involved. It's like they started sharing, you don't know if you should sympathize with the bully or not because, for the first time, what is he drinking? Why was he part of such a body in the first place?

This is what people need to understand about these criminal gangs, which often end in tears. For a while, you might think that it is all right to do what you do. You can feel great and look great at a time when everyone is afraid of you, because of your record about the people you killed and the people you shared. Everyone has their day to come.


The tears of those robbing you do not just fall. Most people and even in science have not found the answers to why, why do tears dry out so quickly? Where are the tears on a person's face? If you can take water and put it on your face, it will take time to dry out, until you look for a towel, but the tears dry quickly.

This shows that when people cry, God comes down and collects their tears. All tears are collected by God, and only God can interpret the meaning of all the tears. You may not know why people are crying, but when Jehovah sees their tears, he can interpret the message or what they are asking him to do. You can't just rob and kill people and run away.

It's either you decide to commit suicide or the law of the Universe itself, you will have a way of dealing with it. I, therefore, with our youth to abstain from these things. None of these stolen or stolen things will be pleasant. There is a price for their sins.

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