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My Children Rejected Me Because of How Damaged My Face Was ” Joyce Narrates Painfully


“My Children Were Afraid of My Face,” Joyce laments

Joyce was born in Nakuru to a family of three sisters. After her mother died, their father could not take care of them so they scattered among his aunts.

He got married and had a good life until one day when people came to him and threatened to kill him. The children were not there, it was inky Joyce and her husband in the house. Joyce was eight and a half months pregnant at the time.

The people who came to his house were rude. They cut her off and eventually killed her husband and left him lying on the floor with serious injuries. They left him for dead.

When he woke up, it was very cold and at first, he did not know where he was.

He cried so hard that one of the mortuary workers came. When the newcomers arrived, their first impression was of beating him because they thought he was a ghost. She managed to prevent it by hand, and the doctors came to treat her and give birth.

She gave birth to a baby boy. The boy was healthy and could not get hurt. Two months later, she was returned to her mother-in-law, and her daughters rejected her because of her appearance.

Under his law, he stayed there for a week and was expelled because he could not support himself. A man from the village offered to take him to his father's house. When he arrived, my father abandoned him and sent him away. Everywhere he went, no one wanted to see him, and he was chased away wherever he went. Her sister is the one who provided her refuge.

People have opened up to Joyce since they saw her as a ghost. Everyone was afraid of him since his face was badly injured, but now he is thanking God for having a new face that will not be as scary as the one he had before.

Her life has been difficult and she is asking for help from anyone who wishes her well. Anyone is welcome to offer their help, in this sad case.

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Joyce Nakuru


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