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RIP| A lady died while during childbirth and people smell something fishy about her death

The death of a lady who was going by the name of Becky left many people shocked. people were left with so many unanswered questions about her death because there are so many things that don't add up about her death. Many people strongly believe that Becky's death has something to do with a jealous enemy. What is sad about this lady's death is that she recently celebrated his birthday and hoping to celebrate the birth of her child but now she is no more.

"R.I.P Becky. Family and friends are mourning a young lady, Backy Babatunde, who died recently during childbirth, barely two months after her birthday" According to the report Becky's is bouncy and healthy "Becky, who was a makeup artist and basedin Calabar, cross-state, reportedly died a few days ago while giving birth to her daughter who is said to be alive and healthy" reported Bhadoosky.People have shared their thoughts on Facebook, many people were saying this has something to do with an enemy, and they highly recommended that women stop posting about their pregnancy. Vicky Mras said, "Please don't post-pregnancy pics there are enemies everywhere you'll never know, rest in peace". Ofule Millicent said, "Rest in peace, people should learn from this and stop posting pregnancy pic...This world is full of wicked and evil people".

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Babatunde Becky Calabar R.I.P


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