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Bad News for All Limpopo Motorists: Toll Gates takes a massive Hike


Bad news for all Limpopo Motorists: Tall gates takes massive hike 

Some might say it is because we are in festive season but those who have the knowledge when comes to inflation of the economy will understand how all these price increases came to this .

Limpopo citizens came to a shock after seeing the massive increase of tall gates, not only did these tall gates increase but it was said the increase was just out of control. There are so many cars that passes by or uses N1 route to Limpopo and motorists especially those who makes daily travels are complaining on these increases .

The total amount for all the four tollgates going to Polokwane / Tzaneen from Gauteng amounts to over R189.00 in total. Now this means if you are making a return trip you will be expected to pay around R400 which is equals to the taxi fares. There are those who are sceptical in using their own cars saying that it will be more expensive for them and now they are opting for public transport .

There was a time when the minister of transport Fikile Mbalula said that the tall gate will not be increased anytime soon. I guess that was before the municipality votes took place . Citizens believes that they are always punished whenever things doesn’t go their way . 

There is however another road that people are opting to use in order to dive out the tall gates. One social media influencer said that people should be clear about this and start using the old Pretoria road throughout Hammankraal. This road have worked for so many people , although ya a long route, you only pay for two tall gates using that road until you get to your destination.

Sad part with that road is that there are potholes and the road maintenance management are not paying attention to it as they are concentrating on N1. 

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