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What Type Of Father Is This: See What He Was Caught Teaching His Daughter That Shook The Whole Mzans

If there has never been a time when one needed to learn how to defend oneself in South Africa, one could say that it is time to learn now, I mean look at it this way, Crime has worked in such a way that one cannot use simple weapons in some places today (EG mtn taxi rank, Bree taxi rank) and many others for fear of releasing their goods to the robbers.

 And now that seems to be not enough. Being a woman today is like a curse because now many women do not have a good time in their lives. They must learn to tolerate those who exploit others. at all.

 So when this happens, one man decides to prepare his daughter with some education to protect himself from the things I have mentioned but people seem to be amazed at the way he acts.

 Looking at these pictures, honestly there is nothing wrong with me I mean that the perpetrators who can attack the children will be armed so they have to be fighters and learn to fight back with these weapons, however it seems like people still believe in all these things and believe it is wrong. See more comments below.

 You look as good as you read, What do you think about what this Father has done? Do you think it was too hard for her to teach her daughter these things or should she not have them even in the beginning? (Note that violence is often taught from an early age)

 What do you take for granted? Please share some of your thoughts in the comments section below

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