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Watch : Shootout As A Man Was Shot Dead At A Popular Retail Store

News Just in: Man shot dead at popular retail store in Toti

Response units together with emergency services responded to a fatal shooting at a busy retail store on Commercial Road in Toti, The people in the vicinity had to be taking cover due to the heavy gunfire which was going off while they were still in the area people were basically fearing for their lives and looking out to take care of themselves.

One male was gunned down inside the store, several shots were fired from a rifle.

One female sustained injuries, the gunmen fled the scene. Emergency services were called to assessment the situation and they looked at the male who was shot and declared him deceased.

Stay away from the scene as police investigations are underway, At the moment it isn’t clear what exactly happened in this incident and authorities are asking for members of the public to give information so that the suspects can be brought to justice as this is something that cannot be encouraged in our society for perpetrators of crimes to roam around doing all kinds of horrible things.

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