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4 Popular Ways Condemned Criminals Are Killed, Number 2 Can Kill You Within 30 Seconds

Hardened criminals and murderers receive the death penalty as a form of punishment. The following are the most common types of death sentences given to criminals:

1. Lethal Injection Death

When a prisoner is sentenced to execution by lethal injection, he or she is placed on a gurney. Some cardiac monitors would be affixed to the prisoner's skin as well. The executioner would next place two needles into the condemned's vein.

When it's time to kill the prisoner, sodium thiopental would be injected into the detainee. This injection is designed to put the inmate to sleep right away.

Chemicals would be put into the prisoner after he or she had fallen asleep. These toxins would paralyze the prisoner's muscles and put an end to his or her life.

After that, a doctor will be called in to confirm whether the prisoner is dead or alive. Charles Brooks was the first person to be executed by lethal injection; he died on December 2, 1982.

2. Electrocution Death

The first electric chair for execution was built in New York in 1888. William Kemmler was the first person to be executed in 1890. The hair of an individual would be completely shaved before being electrocuted in the electric chair. The prisoner would then be strapped to a chair, his legs, chests, and even legs being strapped to keep him in position.

After that, a metal skull helmet will be placed on his head through which the electric current will pass. To carry out the execution, the prisoner would be blindfolded.

The executioner would connect the power supply when it was time to murder the prisoner. Over 1000 electric volts are immediately pushed into the body, and this can last up to 30 seconds.

The doctors will determine whether the prisoner is dead or alive once the current is turned off. If the prisoner survives the electrocution, another one will be carried out.

3. Firing Squad Death

One of the most common types of death penalty in the globe. A prisoner who is sentenced to death by firing squad is bound to a barrel, pole, or sandbags.

More than three firing squads would point their rifles at the doomed and shoot. If the prisoner does not die quickly, his injuries will cause him to bleed to death.

4. Suicide by hanging

Many countries continue to use the method of execution by hanging. Before the execution, the prisoner's hands and legs would be tied to keep him in position, and his face would be covered.

A rope is generally tied around the prisoner's neck, and there is a trap door present. The executioner would open the trap door when it was time, and the prison would be murdered by the rope around his neck.

Some convicts do not die quickly from strangling; in fact, there have been situations where prisoners have evaded the death penalty by hanging.

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