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Twitter user attacked after posting a dead body of her mother on social media announcing her death

Some people do not know when to stop when they use social media. They end up posting some very sensitive issues all for the sake of content creating and likes.

A certain girl who goes by the name Stellacious on social media posted a picture of her mother's corpse as she laid in a hospital bed soon after passing. she wrote " God please give me the grace to bear this great loss this is so painful and heart-breaking. Rest in peace Mom."

A lot of people were left in shock after seeing the picture as it is disrespectful to post a deceased body for everyone to see. A lot of people criticised her actions and said that people were not going to extremes just to draw attention upon themselves.

When someone dies usually people are in shock and inconsolable that they hardly get a chance to even go on their phone worse on social media. this particular girl had the strength to mourn and at the same time post such sensitive photos.

As much as people were sympathising with her loss the way she handled the situation really left them in shock. Soon after a lot of people started commenting on the picture she decided to remove it but somehow it was too late because some people had already screenshotted the post and making it trend on social media.

It is quite sad that the memory of the poor old woman will be ruined by the brutality of the people on social media. This could potentially disrupt the mourning process for those close to her because they will keep seeing the picture all the time on social media despite wanting to move on and heal in peace.

People should really be wary of the stuff they post on social media especially if they are sensitive issues involving children and dead people.

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