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The house that left people talking, not many will see what is wrong.

There has been a picture trending on Twitter as a lady was standing in front of a house and then on the post there was a caption saying that retweet it when you notice it but a lot 9f people failed to get the point. Only those who have drivers license were able to see the difference in the picture and it made sense.

Here is the picture that was posted try and to look at it with focus and notice what you don't understand it was shared on social media platform.

For some it was just a picture of a lady in front of a house and the house seem exquisite until people noticed something wrong and they had a lot of questions. If you looked at the picture so well you will be able to see that the gate and the car garage are not alternating. Its quiet hilarious because the car when it gets in through the gate it has to get into the garage but in this case there is no way it will fit in.

Here is a picture circling such confusing.

The gate is only aligning with the garage in a small space and thats very wrong the person who coordinated the house and the gate and garage spot was not really equipped for the job he should have never been paid.

Others did not notice the gate at first they thought that there was a monkey on the roof here is a picture of what other people noticed before seeing how the gate is aligning withnthe garage.

If this was your house and garage looking like this what would you do? If you did not have a car? Would you bother fixing the mistake or the person who buys the car first at home will be the to fix it because he or she would like to pack their car in the garage?

Here are a few comments from twitter as screenshots after the picture was posted on twitter.

Source :Twitter tea social media platform

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