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Road Accident

Watch : Hijacking Suspect Crashed Vehicle Into A Wall In Eldorado Park

Hijacked car crashes: Milnerton Street Eldorado Park JHB.


Immediately after they hijacked the vehicle they got into a high speed chase with the law enforcements after they heard about their whereabouts and they were after them in a high-speed chase that ensued where the police officers had to shoot several rounds in order to get the suspects to stop the vehicle.

But they resisted and they stepped on the accelerator and kept going faster so the police had no choice but to engage until unfortunately the perpetrators of crimes crashed the vehicle while trying to get away, the incident has since caused a stir as you can see through the video one of the suspects is sitting down by the pavement while his hands are handcuffed to his back and he is looking like he has serious injuries that he sustained from crashing into the wall.

Fortunately enough nothing happened in the incident in terms of no one had incurred any kind of injuries apart from the suspect and this is something that is very great, that the suspect was finally apprehended by the law enforcers and placed in police custody. Investigations will be conducted in order to determine the extent of the charges to which the suspect has to be charged with, and this is something that is going to be dealt with.

To those people who follow a lot of these criminal activities it does not really come as a surprise that this incident occurred in Eldorado Park, because we know that a lot of these criminal activities are occurring in Eldorado Park whereby you find vehicles that have been hijacked from around the Gauteng province being stripped or abandoned in Eldorado Park.

Law enforcements have their hands full with the crimes that are being committed around the country on a daily basis and they are barely able to keep up, because they always arrive at the crime scene after the crime, it seems like they go very strongly according to their moto to be solving crime instead of responding to crime.

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Eldorado Park Milnerton Street


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