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Mamazala:This Is Painful Story Indeed See What Happened Here


Moja Love watchers were left broken subsequent to observing this evening's scene of Mamazala. On the scene, a woman whose spouse is presently in prison, went to face her parents in law on why they are never going to budge on removing away everything from her after their child chopped out every last bit of her 4 youngsters during a contention with her. The family shown no regret for the aggravation that their imprisoned child put the lady through and were simply satisfied to rub salt to injury and repeat that they would battle her for everything until she is left emptier than she as of now is.

On Twitter, watchers shared how they couldn't understand how a family could altogether be coldhearted despite the fact that they realize that their child is the person who hurt the woman. I comprehend that the family has a commitment to their child under the steady gaze of their girl in-law yet the second he killed her youngsters, she reserved each option to affirm against him in court and for her parents in law to utilize that against her as though they would have acted distinctively in case their own relative was butchered in a contention, is uncalled for and insensitive.

The lady has gone through torment that nobody ought to need to go through and on second thought of getting a little help from her parents in law, she got maltreatment all things considered. The manner in which they safeguarded him is the main justification for why misuse will keep flourishing in our country.

To stretch out help to her, Baroka Tombstones raised gravestones for her 4 children. Watchers have since swore to meet up to give to the woman so she recovers financially even without the assistance of her parents in law.

In case Tony and this family can assault Sylvia with a spade before cameras, they can hurt her. This is a hazardous family. MojaLove kindly ensure her no matter what. #[email protected]_ndlela

Envision seeing 4 gravestones of your youngsters at her age. What's more she's a vagrant too @drdwing #mamazala

THAT POLICE STATION NEEDS TO BE SUED! They wouldn't capture him, they wouldn't open an instance of aggressive behavior at home against him, presently he killed four children all in view of their obliviousness!! We can't be quiet with regards to this folks!! I'm so incensed! @BonoloAnne

This is the time where we can meet up as a country and see how we can help her, police and social administrations fizzled her💔💔💔 #mamazala @QueenB17783305

Source: DStv channel 157

While you're here, if it's not too much trouble, me!

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