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VIDEO : Watch as the Manager of Enyobeni Tavern narrated how he watched some patrons falling dead

DJ Promise (pictured above) , who is the Manager at the tavern spoke to SABC news and gave the version of what he saw happening. In the video , he did highlight that he did see some patrons falling on the ground one by one , but he was not sure why it was happening.

Watch the video below to hear Promise narrate the events :

Im accordance with the above news report, the owner of Enyobeni Tavern which saw 21 young people dying reportedly issued an apology to the affected families and friends.

The Liquor Board reportedly said that it would suspend the tavern's license and that it would lay criminal charges against the establishment. There are claims that the patrons could have been exposed to some dangerous chemicals as they did not have any visible marks of injuries in their bodies.

People waiting hopelessly after the tragedy at Enyobeni Tavern

It was also made known in the video report that some families wanted to prepare for mass funerals as they are not financially stable.Most of the affected families reportedly rely on the Child Support Grants.

What were some concerns arisen by Promise in the interview?

Promise highlighted that although the event had been well organized, it became overcrowded such that it was difficult to control the patrons. He alleged that it was a challenge for the bouncers to control those who were entering as the door was kicked down by patrons who wanted to gain entry.

He alleged that when one of the patrons fell to the floor , they tried pouring water on her so that she would wake up. Unfortunately, she did not respond. While they were still wondering what was happening it happened to other patrons as well , and that was when Promise realised that there was something wrong.

Watch the rest of the video above to understand what happened according to Promise who survived on Sunday .

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