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Lady Got Stopped By Traffic Officer and was Stunned After he Showed her Something Inappropriate

Traffic officers are officers of the law and should act as such, and they should not use the power borrowed to them by the state to benefit themselves in the wrong way.

It is not a secret that most of them like to extort motorists of their money just to get them off the hook, and this system currently works for them seeing as how much corruption is taking control of the country, and a lot of vehicles are not up to par to be on the road or even road worthy, and the drivers world rather pay a R50 or 100 buck bribe then to owe a R1000 fine.

Even some traffic officials have been arrested for these, the practice still continues as usual and now it looks like it is getting worse as some of them are even using their power to get women, or even harass them. One lader shared an experience she had when she got stopped by a traffic officer. 

She says that the officer checked both her disc and licence and saw that they where both up to date and then the officer went on to ask her if she had a man, and she said yes. After telling the officer that she is in a relationship he asked her to step put of the car and to open the boot, and she complied as her boot only has work papers in it.

She then continues to say that, he asked about her man again, and then went on to say that he could be a silent side bae. The lady said that she politely declined the offer and tried to smile as she did not know what will happen afterwards, and she then steps back in to her car, and before she drives off the officer steps back and makes her looks at his manhood and says look at what you have done to me.

This is definitely inappropriate behavior for an officer of the law and these type of incidents have to be addressed, because they are going to make it hard for the public to respect the officials, and to even follow the rules and stop when they are being stop at the road block, as they fear being harassed.


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