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Bad news for Sassa Grant beneficiaries this March

Another month has passed, which means another set of Sassa grant portion dates has been sent out. The dates for the SRD grant portion of the current month have now been confirmed by the Post Office

Sassa beneficiaries deserve to know when their R350 grant sections will be available now that March has come. The following are the Special Relief of Distress (SRD) grant component dates for March, according to the Post Office. 

One of the alternatives accessible to R350 grant recipients is to collect your SRD award through the Post Office. Grantees who want to get Post Office honors must undergo a certain procedure. 

The honor part plan at the Post Office is based on the last three digits of recipients' identification numbers, therefore the day you receive your honor is determined by your ID number. 

The March portion plan for SRD grants at the Post Office is as follows: 

083 and 088 on March 1st 

084 and 089 on February 2nd 

09, 080, and 085 March 

081 and 086 on March 10th 

082 and 087 on March 11th 

14th of March: 083 and 088 

15th of March: 084 and 089 

16th of March: 080 and 085 

081 and 086 on March 17th 

On March 18, 082 and 087 will be available. 

083 and 088 on March 22nd 

084 and 089 on March 23rd 

On the 24th of March, 080 and 085 will be available. 

081 and 086 on March 25th 

082 and 087 on March 28th 

083 and 088 on March 29th 

30th of March: 084 and 089 

080 and 085 on March 31st 

Because the other Sassa grants are paid on these days, as well as March 21st, which is Human Rights Day, no R350 grant payments are made on March 3, 7, or 8. On days when various honors are conferred, weekends, or public events occur, Sassa grants are not paid. 

Beneficiaries who submitted for their SRD grant through telephone, according to the Post Office, can also claim the award at Pick & Pay and Boxer corner stores. The honor is only available at a Post Office if a similar phone is used to apply from here on out, seemingly indefinitely. 

Beneficiaries are encouraged to simply visit Post Offices and put up their R350 grant sections, following which they will receive an SMS confirming that their honor is ready for selection.


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