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The Truth About What Happened To The 19-Year-Old Who Jumped To Her Death In Sandton Mall

Sandton City – Police have opened an inquest docket after a 19-year-old woman jumped to her death at Sandton City Mall. It has been revealed that the circumstances which led to the young woman jumping from the inside of the Mall to her death, was the fact that she as well as her family members were allegedly in a very difficult situation in their lives as in her parents lost their jobs.

This is exactly what is going on in the country and where a lot of people are inconvenienced, to make matters worse the fact that this young girl was also kicked out of school considering that her family was failing to pay her fees so they had no choice but to Kick her out of the school.

When she was outside she had no choice but to leave her past with her peers already progressing to higher grades and university, she was also suffering from cystic fibrosis which is a type of cancer and she doesn’t have the money to go for the operation or chemotherapy. That is why she ended her life to save her parents from stressing about getting the money to bring her back to her house, it is just unfortunate that it happened this way.

It is understood that the woman climbed to the top of the roof rails to the 8th floor after 20:00, despite some shoppers witnessing the incident and trying very hard to stop her from committing suicide the woman climbed on top of the railing then over to the other side and then jumped without a second thought. The whole incident was very heart-breaking to the extent that they had to close the Mall quickly and call the emergency services to conduct the necessary operations.

Some people are known to intervene in such circumstances and if she had cried out on social media before committing her deed perhaps people would have intervened, and we know for a fact that she would have even managed to raise millions just to get out of this situation. It’s just unfortunate that this is the route that she took.

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