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Parade protest


"Try do this in Zimbabwe and see what is going to happen to you ", says tweet after this happened

South Africans are not going to let what happened in Johannesburg slide, they are calling out the police for not doing their job in the protest held by foreigners.

"We are st war. Where is the SANDF? What does it do if it does not protect the country", one asked.

" Try this in Zimbabwe and see what is going to happen to you. These people really do not respect South Africa and it's laws ", one said.

" When they take bribes, they don't invite us these cops ", oke said

"I said this before and I will say it again. Give the power back to the police. Stop massaging criminals. Where is General Mawela? Where is the the head of POP?", One asked

"Some, if not majority of the police are on payroll of them hence the bravery to challenge them. The police force has been weakned by greed for money ", one asked

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