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Watchout: A fake cop does the unthinkable on the streets of Gauteng. Better be safe than sorry

Recently, it is hard to trust everyone, including law officers. There are many crime scenes that are orchestrated by the law officers. People know that there are odds that people who they think are police, are perpetrators. Hence, there is a necessity for verification before a police officer arrests you. There is corruption and nepotism all over, and this is at the benefit of poor people. Despite everything sinister taking place inside the law enforcement departments, we should never forget about faithful and trustworthy police officers who are standing up against corruption and any form of crime. South Africans are calling for a change, a law enforcement department, that it will get rid of police officers who work hand in hand with criminals to terrorize the communities of South Africa. 


Fake cops pulled the beer laden truck over and hijacked it.

Sealand Transport Actros hijacked

Last known location : 15 Rail Rd, Roodekop, Germiston

Reg: FKG095L

Colour: White

Blue curtain side trailer 

Reg: FKL317L

The corrupt police officers are handing in uniform to criminals and portray themselves as police officers in crime scenes. It is challenging, since you cannot easily identify a fake cop and a real cop, by just observing their physical appearance. All of them wear the same uniforms and carry guns. Rejecting to be searched or slowed down by a law officer is a crime. However, sometimes it is good that people do not pull over anywhere they see a law officer, since they might be fake, and want to hijack them. ImageImageImage

The pictures show a fake cop inside a hijacked truck. He made the driver pull over, and since the driver wanted to abide by the law, he took the instructions only to find out that he was going to be hijacked. This is a tough decision to make, since if you resist pulling over, you can be arrested for contempt of interfering with the police operation. 


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