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Bushiri Still Continues To Scam People, This Is His Latest Intelligent Scheme

Bushiri is definitely someone who has defrauded a lot of people out of their hard-earned monies and this is something that has definitely caught the attention of many members of the public, and created a situation where they are very curious about ensuring that he is brought forward for the injustices that he has done.

But it is clear that he is very far and he can't be reached in his home country where he is also apparently building a very big city for his people, but nowadays he has even used the internet to defraud the people that are loyal to him.

By allegedly establishing what we call a university where he is making people pay for it to be part of, so you can understand that this is something that is definitely concerning for many members of the public who wonder what goes on in that particular University.

Pastor and entrepreneur Bushiri continues to fleece people of their hard earned money, he has also managed to use his intellect and knowledge in the industry to ensure that he is successful in defrauding these individuals.

Since they have a huge belief in him because of his accolades since he is a reputable businessman they think that he's sure to have them, but it seems like he's helping himself.

He has just launched a private distance learning institution called Shepherd Bushiri University which is not even registered with the Department of Higher Education, this is definitely how people think that he is obviously not in the right situation to be free.

The pain of going to school and paying money for a bogus degree, people are definitely going to come to the situation where they are definitely surprised about what it's going to take place after they qualify for those things.

Or perhaps he's going to employ them or they're simply creating an army of loyalists, a majority of students at his University are children of his church members and they believe everything Papa says.

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