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Mzansi Is Fuming After Spotting This At A Police Station In Diepkloof - See Picture

Diepkloof South African Police Services management says they will not be responsible for any theft or damage to your vehicle, park at your own risk. Some South African citizens are not happy with that poster because, they believe about this station should be a very safe place and citizens of the country should feel comfortable parking their vehicles as they go and open cases.

While the some people are saying this is a rule that most businesses have because, most of the times they're not going to be able to be doing their own thing then attending to people’s cars. It won’t be easy for them to no if the person who entered the car is the owner or not, and it's not their job to start following people around and asking them to show them licences or keys for the car.

So this has caused the confusion because some are saying, yes indeed police should ask people to produce their licences in order to get inside their cars and leave the station. While some are saying people should be careful and know that it is bound to happen, this means if you know that you are going to stay longer just use a taxi or if you live close by walk.

Police officers are at their stations to protect you not your cars because, at the end of the day some people are going to start saying they are being harassed by police when they are asked to produce their licences before entering their vehicles. So to avoid such things just make sure that you go with another person who will remain behind sitting in the car, or just use a taxi if you are not ready to lose your car or have to look after it while busy with something else. You can also put an alarm, so that when criminals touch it, they will be caught and arrested immediately.

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