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The buses are roaming empty in Polokwane, with the lost of 10 000 litres of diesel per day.

The Leeto la Polokwane buses are roaming around in the city. Its been over same months buses roaming around the city empty, sometimes with bus inspector. People are asking themselves when buses will start to operate. Those buses roaming empty everyday it might cost 10 000 litres of diesel and petrol per day. The commuters are worried about the lost of fuel while people i waiting for those buses. According to the municipality they are trainning those drivers to familiarize themselves with the city, but most of those drivers were taxi drivers. People in the street have their view and opion about this things. Sara said" the municipality is wasting money for nothing, at least they should have hired more people than to waste money on bus fuel which are roaming around the city." Lethabo said" those buses are csusing unneccessary traffic in the city, its their way of looting money. Young people are not working but they enjoy eating money." Edward said" we are not surprised, the polokwane Municipality failed us many time, firstly they build market Point at Landrose were we used catch taxi to westenberg, near Jet. Now is Leeto la Polokwane buses. Its funny because young people are the one who are feeling and experiencing unemployment. Those buses are unneccessary, whoever who came with the plan. I dont know what was his/her plan. They should have supported at least taxi driver and plug more on them. We have so many local taxi in the town. So it tells you that they don't support local business. LEDET has taken over Great North bus, it seems is not enough. We are disappoint, their focus should be creating 5000 job for our people."

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