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Zimbabwean Robber Arrested By The Police


Crime fighting has many facets and, over the years, Hi-Tec has implemented many preventative strategies which we have found to be effective. For example, did you know that we meticulously document each arrest and near arrest? We have a database with photos of criminals and suspects who have crossed our path along with their names and addresses.

Over time, many repeat offenders have become known to us and, while out on patrol, our armed response units are always on the lookout for these offenders.

Whenever our response teams spot someone from this Offenders Database, they always snap a photo for identification purposes, which is then distributed on our internal database and shared with the rest of the on-duty staff. This way, everyone on that particular shift can be on the lookout and ready for action in case something goes awry.

At 19:30 on Monday night, a known housebreaker (burglar) was on the prowl in Makhanda Central. One of our response teams recognised him, took a photo and warned the rest of the on-duty shift that he was out and about and likely to be up to no good.

And sure enough, an hour later, an observant neighbour ran to our control room to report that suspicious noises could be heard coming from the house next door where someone was busy breaking in.

The property had been left unlocked by the home owner, so the suspect was able to gain entry by jumping over the back fence and simply walking into the house. He surprised a tenant, who was home at the time, and pulled a knife on him. A scuffle ensued.

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