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Must see: Police uncovered a Mozambican kombi in Gauteng at Angelo Informal Settlement.

Law enforcement officials confiscated a Toyota Quantum which was being used in several motorcycle thefts in Gauteng at Angelo Informal Settlement, no arrests have been made as of yet. The vehicle has a Mozambican registration meaning it was snuggled into South Africa by the suspects so that they can use it in commission of crime, this is nothing new...suspects are always being caught with foreign registration plates in different countries.

Last time it was CIT robbery guys who were terrorising cash vans, they were driving a vehicle with a Botswana registration so this is proof that these suspects are always ahead. Most people are not pleased and they saying it’s only in South Africa where the police seize the car, leaving suspects that have been committing crimes hard is it to set them up and wait for them to come back. These criminals are not ordinary citizens who will start running after them to get back the vehicle because they stole it, and they can still do the same.

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