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The Dog Handles Five Intruders And Saves The Vehicle From Being Stolen

The south africans ran out of sustainable security for themselves and their property,the criminals are attacking the ordinary citizens everywhere in the country,the house robberies and streets robberies are very rife in south africa.The carjackings are also one of the leading criminal activities that keeps on haunting the south africans.Even the cars that are thought to be more technologically advanced in terms of security,are stolen in south africa,the intellectual criminal are able to tamper all the security features and take the vehicle.People are attacked everywhere,even in the most quite and finest surburbs like sandton,the fearless criminals go in there and advance their missions,at times,this robberies ends up in the the loss of lives,the owners would try to save his property from being stolen by the armed robbers who wouldn't hesitate to shoot at the owner of anyone who seems to be opposing what they are doing.The dogs are the one of the friendliest animals and the reliable for security purposes,the dogs are getting along with human beings more than any other animals,this disciplined animals have been a perfect life companion of human beings.More than five intruders were chased away by one dog in one of the surburbs in south africa,the intruders tried to jump the fenced wall,just before they land into the the ground,the dog was already attacking,one managed to make it to the yard and four others went back,the one in the yard was denied a chance to even get to the stationary vehicle that was parked in the car,he had no option but to run for his life and he did went back and jumped the wall.If it was not of this dog,the robbers should have taken or damaged the vehicle,the owner didn't even have to come out as the dog was able to manage all five intruders.There is nothing more that the south africans can do than to have a brave dogs to defend them as it has become even more difficult for the citizens to own firearms for self defence and protection.

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