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Married man abandons girlfriend in a hotel room, rapes receptionist.

In a Lagos hotel room, a married guy abandons his fiancée and rapes the receptionist.

'Fuad,' a Lagos (Nigeria) citizen who lives in the Ebute Metta neighborhood, was arrested for reportedly raping a receptionist in a bathroom at the Mutab Hotel and Suites on Abeokuta Street, in the Ebute Metta neighborhood of Lagos State.

According to reports, the 19-year-old victim was sleeping at the hotel's reception desk when one of the lodgers woke her up around midnight and asked for a towel.

It has been learned that the victim promptly left the reception area, walked to the hotel's garden to acquire a towel, and was on her way to attend to a visitor when she felt the need to release herself.

The girl said that she had opted to urinate at the common toilet in the backyard when Fuad approached her inside the toilet and demanded that she leave.

"When he trapped me inside the toilet, he was just wearing his underwear," she recalled. He had a bottle in his possession, and he threatened to use the bottle to murder me if I refused to have sleep with him. He raped me in the toilet and then left me there once he was through. Fortunately, the occurrence occurred between the hours of 12 midnight and 1am on Saturday, when everyone was asleep.

The same thing happened to me till one of our clients woke me up and asked if I could get him a towel. I was the one who looked after him (Fuad) when he arrived to our hotel with his girlfriend to stay for a few days. He had to pay N5,000 to get into the room. Because he left his girlfriend inside the room, he must have seen me when I went to get the towel, because he then barricaded me inside the toilet and raped me there.

The event was brought to the attention of my manager, Mr Ali, who alerted authorities the next morning. Mr Ali and my colleagues broke into Fuad's room and detained him; it was at this moment that his girlfriend became aware of what he had done. "My boss and coworkers witnessed Fuad's use of a bottle to threaten me while I was in the restroom."

Mr. Mutairu Oke, the hotel's owner, said that the suspect had been turned over to the authorities and that the receptionist had been transported to the hospital for treatment.

"As soon as I was notified in the morning, I immediately ordered my employees to detain him," he explained. As soon as I got down to the hotel, I picked him up and drove him to the Denton Police Station. Fuad is now being held in detention there.

Our receptionist was brought to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital in Ikeja, where it was determined that she had been raped. "They prescribed her some drugs and instructed her to return to the hospital the following Monday for more testing."

While criticizing the act, Ishola Agbodemu, the Chief Security Officer of the Lagos Mainland Local Government Region, stated that Fuad was known for generating problems in the area.

"Despite our efforts to curb crime in the region, it is shocking that someone who had a wife at home would rape a receptionist at the same hotel where he had been staying with his girlfriend," he said, adding,

"People in the neighborhood are familiar with the guy (Fuad), and his associates have been attempting to frighten the girl into not speaking out."

The incidence was corroborated by CSP Adekunle Ajisebutu, the state Police Public Relations Officer, who was present at the scene.

"The suspect has been taken into custody," he stated. The state Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, has instructed that the matter be sent over to the gender unit of the command for further investigation."


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