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Road Accident

Zimbabwean woman returns from the dead to haunt her family saying she died too young

They say a funeral is supposed to be the final farewell for a departed soul. 

But a it was the direct opposite for a Zimbabwean family after their loved one shockingly returned from the dead. 

22 year old Samantha Lwazilwenkosi Nkomo met her fate and passed away at Mpilo Central Hospital after a Toyota Granvia she had boarded on the fateful day overturned along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls road killing four people on the spot near Insuza in July.

Ironically, the driver of the Granvia car, Marco Mabika, survived the accident. 

And she has never given her family peace since then. 

According to her father, Willard Nkomo (63) and his wife Pamela, Samantha's spirit has been tormenting them saying she died before her time. 

"She comes to us in dreams and in visions every day asking why the person who caused the accident is not coming to apologise. She also complains that she was killed before her time. She appears to me, my wife and her sister. It is tormenting us," said Mr Nkomo.

(A Toyota Granvia)

The family now wants Mabika to come to them and apologize so that they can perform a ritual for their daughter to rest in peace. 

a traditional healer has since adviced the family of the driver to meet the Nkomo family because this was a normal occurrence. The healer said the spirit of the deceased is seeking revenge and this could affect the whole Mabika clan. 

And you thought supernatural things only happen on TV. 


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