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Road Accident

'This Is What Was Spotted On The N1 Bypass Near Mall Of The North

The is an accident on the N1 bypass near Mall of the North involving two sedan cars, fortunately there we no injuries reported but one person is trapped inside their vehicle.

The people in the area definitely have a serious problem with the roads that they are dealing with because there are so many accidents that are happening that side, these accidents are claiming the lives of the ordinary members of the public in the area.

So of course there's a serious crisis that we're dealing with and it needs to be resolved very quickly however it seems like the police are not really doing anything in order to assist, this involves the authorities who are responsible for ensuring that the roads are safe to travel on.

They're not talking about measures to be put in place and these road issues have been going on for years now, so if the government is not standing up and saying that they're going to fix who is going to stand up and say that they're going to fix the roads.

The answer to that question is that no one, the only people that we are relying on is the government to come and fix the road now families are losing their loved ones because of the recklessness of the driving of other people and we definitely could not allow such a thing to happen.

It is definitely affecting a lot of people and our situation is going to get worse if the roads are re imagined, unfortunately we really cannot afford to allow the accidents to keep happening on the road and that is why the authorities have to do something about it.

But are they doing something at the moment and the answer to that particular question is no, which is causing a serious distress on the lives of the ordinary members of the public.

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