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He showed off his fridge filled with groceries but a lot of people were stunned by what they saw.

Refrigeration is a helpful tool to keep foods fresh longer. When food is held at a proper temperature, the growth of bacteria slows down, which helps reduce the risk of food poisoning. To keep your perishable foods fresh, make sure your refrigerator is set at or below 40°F. 

Not everything should be refrigerated, people often put things that needs to be stored in cool and dry places, in the refrigerator. There was currently a trend on social media whereby people show off their fridges and what caught a lot of people's attention was a fridge full of groceries, even those which are not even supposed to be stored in the fridge.

This particular person was questioned about his reasons for such, it is believed that after seeing the trend, this tweep quickly rushed to the Kitchen to put everything else in the fridge. What do you think of this fully loaded fridge, would you like yours to be like this one whereby you also put peanut butter in it? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button. 

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