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Road Accident

He was Driving At Night Then They Did To His Car

Now that we have just kick-started the year and almost everyone's pockets are dry since we were out on shopping and spending spree's during the festive season, and we now broke and money is needed the most. It seems like criminals are among part of those who are in desperate need of cash qs well and now with things being this way they have recently been upgrading their tricks to catch their victims.

Please refer to the pics attached below to see what some of them has been doing at the N17 road, which is between Vits and Tonkmeter at springs.

According to my source What happened here was that as this motorist was driving last night, A rock was intentionally thrown to his windshield cause the damage you see up there. The cause of what you see up there has nothing to do with the owner being into any squabbles with someone, this is just some new traps by the criminals to get to the victims.

What these guys are doing is that they throwing this stones to the driver's side of the windshield knowing very well that the driver will be distracted or shocked and stop and try to analyze the situation. They doing all this knowing that once you stop they attack you and knowing very well that by distracting u like this you could loose control of the car and crash into something, and they just come take whatever gadgets, goods you had and the amount of cash you could have had and leave, so please be careful of such.

If something like this happens, and you're not hurt don't stop drive away please ask your passengers on the front to be the one who observe the road for you as you drive off to the nearest safe place it's better that way than being sorry 

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Tonkmeter Vits


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